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DBC Safety

Safety Program Overview

DBC places the highest value on employee safety and has adopted the belief that all injuries can, and must be prevented. Our safety goal is zero injuries (whether OSHA recordable or not) and we have developed and implemented a corporate-wide safety program to help us achieve that objective.

The DBC safety program has been reviewed and accepted by our most demanding industrial customers, and remains a dynamic document in a state of continuous improvement.

We have achieved zero injury performance in our pipe fabrication division for over 8 years, and we have completed many field industrial and commercial projects with zero injuries.

These accomplishments would not have been possible without top management commitment, strong supervisory and employee support, accountability, the development of a zero injury safety culture, and implementation of a practical, well designed safety program.

Diamond B Constructors is looking forward to continuing and expanding our relationship with our key customers. We believe our strong joint, cooperative commitment to safety will substantially benefit all parties.

To learn more, visit our Safety Practices and Philosophy.