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VA Hospital: A $17 million contract for a new state of the art six-story hospital, that includes rainwater harvesting & indoor gardens.

Orcas Island School: A combined $1.9 million contract for the full mechanical for the addition of new classrooms and the remodel of the old school.

Issaquah Core Projects: A $10 million contract for the full mechanical on two new schools - Clark Elementary & Issaquah Middle School; plus the renovation of Tiger Mountain Community School.

Sammamish High School: A $16.5 million contract with a December 2016 completion date.

Murray CSO Control Facility: A $1,700,000 underground surge tank for overflow storm water, designed to be covered by a recreational park facility.

Odle Middle School - Bellevue, WA: Diamond B will be working with Allied Construction on the replacement of Bellevue’s Odle Middle SchoolOdle Middle School architect representation . The project consists of a complete demolition of the current school and replacement with a new 2 story school. The new school will increase student capacity from 700 to 1,200 students. The current planning includes a hybrid geothermal heating and cooling system with high-efficient condensing gas boilers. Solar thermal panels will provide domestic hot water production and replenish the geothermal well-field heating capacity. Design phase began in June of 2012 and the $7,993,000 contract is expected to be complete in June of 2016.